Being inquisitive by nature, I always looked to be a part of each and every conversation around me. I seemed to have an opinion on every issue, be it economics, world politics, technology or entertainment. However, two things always prevented me from putting forward my thoughts in a convincing manner. The first was my glaring inability to articulate my views even though I always had a lot to say. The second issue that plagued me was my wish to become an expert in nearly every field of knowledge.

That is when I got my first taste of the intriguing world of books, which mainly comprised non-fiction and non-academic books. The first two books I read, namely How to Win Friends and Influence People and Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, ushered in a lot of positive changes in my life. I was 16 at the time and was completely mesmerized by my newfound interest in reading. Soon, I was reading 2-3 books a week as I joined the local library and read most the non-fiction books it had.

There was no looking back for Manish after his first two reading experiences

I was quite ambitious and wanted my voice to be heard. Here, I would like to clarify that this was not about an inflated ego or a misplaced sense of being better than others. It was just that I wanted to know and explore stuff. I wanted to figure out how things work and why people think the way they do. Later on, I also became fairly interested in world economics and enjoyed reading about how US monetary policies affects kids in, say, Sudan or Bangladesh. I would also occasionally turn to fiction and read some of the best-known classics. That said, as a great movie buff, my appetite for fiction usually got channelized to movies.

Eventually, my reading habits underwent a colossal change as professional commitments took over. I would barely manage to finish a book in a month. However, I soon rediscovered my passion for reading after I had the chance to go through Sapiens and Homo Deus. I have now been reading regularly for the last couple of years or so. At 32, I am still very much in love with books and I do not think that this will be changing anytime soon.


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