With tears running down her round beady eyes

The little one sat with her head bent low

She clutched her soft toy tight

N looked at the sky, sprinkled with a soft glow


Her father came around and sat beside her

“Why are you here all by yourself?” he asked

“I miss mom,” was all the girl could utter

That made her dad pull out his smiley mask


“God loved her more, so he took her away,

Sweetie, one day you will understand”

The girl wiped her eyes and replied, “Okay”

But her thoughts were in a faraway land


Running to her room, she broke her piggy bank

And grabbed the coins, stuffing them into her pockets

Seeing her run away, her father’s heart sank

Trotting through the streets, she reached the market


Her eyes went wide looking at the big balloon

And she knew her plan would work

The girl raised her hands and pointed at the moon

“I want to meet mom, take me to her,”


The man reasoned but the girl insisted

He took some coins and left the rest

Up went the balloon, and the girl prayed

She urged every star to join her quest


The moon gave her a welcoming smile

Her heart blossomed with hope at that

“Many have ventured before, flying for miles

But none were brave in their heart”


“Your mom will come meet you soon,

Go sleep child and let us dim our lights”

The girl nodded happily at the moon

She was still sleeping in her bed at night


A gentle wind flowed inside her little room

And caressed her cheek like a feather

“I am always with you child, like the sun and the moon

And I will stay until the change of the weathers”


The girl smiled and felt a kiss brush her forehead

The next day she told her father what she had seen

Her father held her close in his embrace and said

“Your mother is in your heart, as she always has been.”

…now that you’re here

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