Looking back on the days when I started writing, I invariably end up thinking about my nightmarish days in the eighth grade. After all, that was when things really changed.

Back then, I had started losing all my so-called ‘friends’ because, well, my grades had hit rock bottom. I even flunked a couple of subjects. Instead of helping me out, my teachers too began disliking me instead. Things were no better at home, either. My parents would fly off the handle rather easily, and I really had no idea why.

It was amid such hopelessness that I wrote my first poem. I was really upset that day. With all those bottled-up emotions, I just had to release them somehow. That was what prompted me to write it all down as a poem. I never really showed the poem to anyone, for I wanted to keep it all to myself at the time. Gradually, however, I started developing a liking for poetry. I began looking for ways to polish this newfound skill of mine, which not only helped me channel my pent-up frustration, but also made me feel good about myself. In fact, before long, I was already harboring hopes of publishing some of my works!

Apart from poetry, Himnish Pritmani is also extremely fond of soccer

As a HUGE soccer buff (I now play for my college team, by the way!), I made the most of my tenth-grade summer vacations playing outside. While deep down I knew that this was not what I wanted to focus on, I was not sure how I could harness my passion for writing. However, there was soon a breakthrough – and it came in the most unexpected of ways. Inspired by the TV show, The Flash, I started researching on the Bermuda Triangle, time travel, and other unexplained phenomena that have always intrigued mankind.

I started coming up with theories of my own about how a person could travel in time and space using wormholes without running the risk of being vaporized. I began working out the odds of a multiverse out there. For those of you who do not know, a multiverse is, according to Google, basically a hypothetical space or realm consisting of several universes, of which our universe is only one. I, for one, do feel that there is a cloned Earth somewhere in this realm, where we are performing different tasks. You could call it a sort of Earth’s doppelgänger. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Anyways, I realized that I needed to be a lot more well versed in the space-time continuum and astrophysics, and so I decided to put this on hold. Poetry once again stepped in to fill this sudden void, giving a fresh lease of life to my love for writing.

Having rediscovered his passion for writing poems, Himnish Pritmani is positive that all hope is not lost for him

I started writing about everything – from my could-have-been love stories to the nature around to the blues I was going through (and still am). On second thought, things have gotten better, so it is not all gloomy anymore.

I began coming to terms with the fact that betrayals and broken friendships were part and parcel of life. I started maturing at a fairly young age, turning my focus back to the things that needed my attention. In September 2019, I started running a blog, which gave me the opportunity to publish all my works online. The blog is not great as such, but it is definitely a work in progress. Hopefully, I will improve it in the coming years and, who knows, maybe help out a couple of newbie poets like me.


You can encourage the up-and-coming poet in Himnish Pritmani by checking out his poetry blog here. Himnish can also be contacted over his Twitter handle.

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