Hi everyone! I am Heet Barot and I am about to take you on a fascinating journey, one that turned my life on its head.

Believe it or not, this journey started hardly a few months ago. That was when I read a book for the first time ever – outside of my academics, of course. It was titled The Rudest Book Ever. The author, Shwetabh Gangwar, is a well-known public speaker, and this book vehemently drives home the notion that rejections and failures are not an end, but rather the beginning of a new hope, backed by the drive to push yourself to your limits. Failures are, as Gangwar reiterates, albeit a bit rudely (no surprises there given the book’s title!), part and parcel of life.

Now, I am no experienced reader, but I am sure that it is not common for the first book you read in your life to make you question your very existence by straightaway putting forth tricky questions like ‘what are you actually worth?’.

The book also taught me another extremely important lesson – you cannot please everyone around you; someone or the other will always be dissatisfied or unhappy with you. Coming to terms with this fact helped me get rid of the pent-up stress that was beginning to take encroach upon my sanity.

It took me a good one month to finish this book, but once I was done reading it, there was no looking back. I took to reading more motivational books. Some of the other books I read include The Story of My Experiments with Truth by Mahatma Gandhi, Everyone has a Story by Savi Sharma, and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, among others.

I would eventually learn many a lesson, one of which was how self-doubts are nothing but the result of a negative mindset. My outlook on life had undergone a significant change – all in a matter of months! Life suddenly seemed like a completely different beast altogether, one that was ruthless but enchanting. From a dull and uninterested brat, I transformed into a disciplined, efficient guy who did not shy away from problems.

Honestly, no matter what book you are reading, there is always something you can take away from it. It will definitely affect your life in one way or the other, provided you are willing to listen to what it is trying to tell you.


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