Had I been God,

clouds would be lilac

and lilacs would be white.


Had I been God,

the grass would glow

as your homing guide.


Had I been God,

each breath you took

would enliven a sprite.


Had I been God,

the length of your braid

would mirror your mind.


Had I been God,

the skin you showed

would burn fingers of fiends.


Had I been God,

your voice would increase

with the efforts to quench its might.


Had I been God,

your might would be in your heart

instead of your hands.


Had I been God,

all colors will have homes

in your hueless sight.


Had I been God,

the world would be wielded

by the emerald wild.


Had I been God…

perhaps I was, perhaps I might.

…now that you’re here

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Ria and her love affair with reading

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