Your eyes are piercing

Like the winds of a storm

Yet one glance at them

Sends me to the realm of calm.


Your eyes are enchanting

They exude silver-gray rays

Yet I know they are human

For they, too, express joy and pain.


Your eyes are clear and grey

They keep no secrets locked

Your eyes are teasing

Yet they can’t be mocked.


Gray eyes are like silver clouds

I can feel their spirits sail

So enchanting they are

Then why the mystic veil?


Your mesmerizing eyes

They seem so clear and calm

Yet they spark fire and flame

Your eyes are magical

Lost am I in your lovely gray eyes!

Pravin Kumar writer at Ameya

An ardent believer in that a good poem isn’t one that comes from, but through you, Pravin enjoys writing short but meaningful poetry. Write to him at to know more about him.