Embrace the beauty within you, and become the Beautiful Butterfly that you are destined to be! But you might wonder, how can you be beautiful if you are the caterpillar? Well, of course you are beautiful, for you have the essence of beauty within you! You have all the ability to transform into a Beautiful Butterfly.

Veena Dhandhia’s Go, Caterpillar Go! will bring you face-to-face with the real you. It will transport you from your current state of dissatisfaction to a desired state of being alive. Treating you to those “aha” moments, it will help you find ways to bring out the best in you.

Go, Caterpillar Go! is a must-read for everyone who wishes to lead a more purposeful life, love more, be more self-confident, self-resilient, self-disciplined amd self-respecting. It is for those who want to transcend limiting beliefs and turn them into empowering ones. It is for those who want to align their abilities with values and surge forward in life with elevated success and happiness.

Genre: Self-Help

Price: β‚Ή210

Format: Paperback

Published: April 2023

Number of Pages: 126

Language: English

Veena Dhandhia, author of Go, Caterpillar Go

Author: Veena Dhandhia

Publisher: Beeja House

ISBN-13: 978-9395266529