Who’d waste time reading books in this era of modern technology where every information is available in just one click?” That’s what I used to believe a few years ago, and God, was I mistaken!

Hi! My name’s Sonam and I stay in Ranchi. Today I’m going to share my personal experience with reading different types of books and how they changed my life for good.

I used to be someone everyone was annoyed of… I was really talkative, restless and insane.

But the sudden transformation in my behavior came when I got a year back in class eleven and the reason was a heartbreak! Yes, It was the first love of my life and I got cheated on. I wasn’t mature enough to handle the situation and I couldn’t cope with the pressure, as a result of which I flunked two main exams.

Then came the fear of having your own friends and classmates as your seniors, of getting laughed at. So, I decided to run away from the situation (read the school). I got myself enrolled in another school, which my parents didn’t quite approve of. And gradually, it turned out that their apprehensions weren’t misplaced. Although I made no friends there, I couldn’t realize when everyone turned their backs to me.

Things were getting worse; my parents were no longer the supportive mom-dad that they had been before. They were losing hope, and so was I. But I’m glad to have had some great friends in life. Well, to be honest, I have a very small friends’ circle but I’m grateful to God for letting me have those few people who’d still care for and check on me.

My best friend was a real… geek, or, should I say, a bookworm. She suggested me a book titled Looking for Alaska by John Green. I decided to give it a try. After all, what harm could reading one book do to me?

It was the first ever book that I read (apart from my course books, of course)!

To be honest, it was a whole new experience for me… the more I read, the more flooded my mind was with emotions. It was a really good read. It was a time when the stress and worries of my life were becoming increasingly hard to put up with. By the time I finished that book, reading had become my favorite pastime, nay a second nature.


I subsequently also read The Fault in our Stars, The Alchemist, Goosebumps, and many other books.

That unbearable, annoying girl was now quiet and patient, once again lost in her own world…  but this time, it was one of fantasies and stories.

I also learned the esoteric art of presenting any story through wordplay, which motivated me to try writing a novel. It got published and garnered rave reviews. Books gave a new meaning to my life.

And that was all about how I fell in love with books.

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If you’d like to tell us how reading transformed your life for the better, we’re all ears.