He didn’t quite fit in with the rest

He tried once or twice but failed miserably

Bullied and tormented, he went deeper into his shell

He needed support and care, his mom could tell


His mother used to tell him that he was special

That she loved him and cared for him

The little boy believed her and spent his days

In the comfort of her embrace


But one day she was gone without a warning

And the little boy was left alone, stranded in this unknown world

It was as if along with her had gone his will to live

Crying and sobbing he spent his days huddled by the windowsill


Then one day he braved to step out of the house

To ‘see’ the world for himself, through his mother’s eyes

He brushed his fingers through the bricks and trees

And inhaled the scent of autumns and springs


A few laughed at him, others cackled

Nobody talked to him nor came forward to help when he fell down

Brushing his arm off, he looked at those mocking him

And instead of glaring or shouting, he flashed a wide grin


Just like that the ice melted and laughter broke out from the corner

The monster and the freak chose not to react

Instead he responded with a smile, and a smile he got in return

He made some new friends and his mom smiled at him from heaven

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya

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