Nobody on earth can boast of having an easy life. Nobody can claim not to have experienced pain or heartbreak. While all of us have their own goals, most of us seldom achieve them at the first attempt.

It is safe to say that we are the sum total of all the choices we make in certain circumstances. As challenging as an underdog’s story might have been, it can potentially inspire millions of human beings. It is worth remembering that success is like a sapling, which needs to be nurtured with hard work and dedication.

Krishna has not just been an omnipotent deity, but also one of the coolest superheroes that the world has ever seen. He is the omnipresent avatar of Lord Vishnu Himself. But he was also an out-of-out human being: a lover, a brother, a son, a kingmaker, a warrior, an ordinary cowboy, and a dexterous charioteer. His hands were as skillful with the flute as they were with annihilating divine weapons. Life kept throwing one challenge after another at Him, but He chose to overcome them all with his characteristic nonchalance.

Now in the twenty-first century, Krishna saves the day once again. Several failures have forced Paarth to consider giving up. Just as there seems no way out of that situation, he runs into Krishna at the airport after his flight is delayed. Krishna makes the most of that serendipitous encounter to share with Paarth some timeless skills to increase his productivity. Madhava tells Paarth how he can become more efficient in all walks of life. Flourish Infinitely effectively drives home the message that Krishna consciousness is embedded deep in our DNA. All we need to do is learn to decode it. Given a new lease of life out of the blue, Paarth sets out to discover his destiny.

Flourish Infinitely is all about how Krishna and his teachings are all the more relevant in these trying modern times.

Genre: Spirituality

Price: 149

Format: Paperback

Published: August 2019

Number of Pages: 128

Language: English

Rakhi Kapoor, bestselling author of Flourish Infinitely: Lord Krishna's Mantra for Success Decoded

Author: Rakhi Kapoor

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN-13: 978-1646508761