The path forks and twists and bends

As it muddles you with clouded thoughts

Sensing your trepidation and pang

Should you dare take the leap of faith

Or unsheathe your blade


For some it is uncharted and unkind

While others find it monotonous

Lying politely ahead of you

It stands there to be trampled

Or is it you that gets beaten?


You begin to crawl and slither

With the change of the weathers

One foot at a time you skip and jump

Grabbing everything you can

The rebellion of the night and the sunlight


The muddy footprints scattered all over

Welcome you to your endpoint

While you furiously work to achieve

The tricky balance of emotions

Addition and multiplication


Having mastered the art

Maneuvering it is a dismal task

It curtsies you as a faithful servant

But you want nothing with it now

Just drag yourself and no more


Ensnaring your hungry heart

It now beckons you to the journey

It had expertly hidden

That you yearned for long

Wasted away finding your way out of life’s maze


Believing that you aren’t done, not yet

You carve the memory of a lifetime

To retell the next passersby

Engraved within its bottomless grains

As it slowly fades away in time.

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya
Anagha Aglawe

As a professional writer, Anagha thoroughly relishes the challenges involved in writing heart-warming poetry. To know more about her, feel free to contact her over her Upwork profile here.