Everyday Superfoods is your one-stop shop – an indispensable guide – to enrich your diet with the superheroes of the culinary world.

In keeping with our growing obsession with a healthy diet and a strong immune system, superfoods seem to have become the buzzword of the decade. This is nowhere more evident than in the fact that every food brand and culinary chain is trying to woo us with this little-understood term. Technically speaking, a superfood is a food item that is very rich in more than one nutrient, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates, among others. Their high nutrient content means that these products are good for our overall health, immunity, and longevity. Some superfoods claim to offer more specific benefits such as the prevention of certain diseases, such as, say, diabetes, a high or low blood pressure, or even cancer.

However, the consumption of such products is easier said than done in India, where taste beats nutritional value any day. That is why it is important to explore what superfoods can mean in the context of our local produce, which is quite diverse – from the sugarcanes in Uttar Pradesh to the tea in Darjeeling; from the amaranth in Himachal Pradesh to the cassava in Salem; from the paddy in Hooghly to the groundnut in Bhavnagar, and the list goes on. Whether you are looking for an easy meal plan to follow depending on your nutritional needs, or boosting your immunity to keep yourself safe in these vulnerable times, or simply reducing your hypertension and treating your diabetes, Everyday Superfoods is the book that can help you take the next big – and probably decisive – step in your journey to long-term physical and mental well-being.

Genre: Cuisine and Health

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Format: Paperback

Published: March 2021

Number of Pages: 228

Language: English

Nandita Iyer, author of Everyday Superfoods

Author: Nandita Iyer

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

ISBN-13: 978-9389611427