Hello, everyone! It’s Dinesh Choudhary here, and this is the story of how I became a reader.

Well, reading really wasn’t my cup of tea until the pandemic announced its ominous arrival. I actually started reading during the lockdown to keep myself occupied. Looking back, I can confidently say that reading a book is the best thing a person can do when they are feeling bored. A book can actually do wonders to both our minds and lives.

Speaking of wonders, I had a first-hand experience of that! The first of those wonders was that my concentration went up by several notches. I became such a focused person!

The books I read also made me more knowledgeable. Today, I always have something to contribute to a discussion when I’m sitting among, say, friends or family.

Reading also broadened my horizons on more than one level – it connected me to my culture, enhanced my understanding of history, and gave me a scientific outlook. It also taught me the rare but important quality of questioning – not doubting – yourself. I honestly feel that reading a book is more satisfying than what most people spent the lockdown doing – watching random web series! Actually, when you are reading a good book, your mind can recreate its characters or some scene from it.

All in all, books have had a huge impact on my life in general. They have helped me understand my potential and given me the confidence to fulfill it. They are the best stress busters – simply reading my favorite authors can help me feel so much more relaxed.

It is almost like magic, only reading is magic.


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