In Designing Destiny, Kamlesh Patel presents his take on some questions that great philosophers have pondered over for centuries. For instance, what role does destiny play in our lives? What part of our destiny is fixed and what is variable? Can we shape and redesign our destiny?

Known widely as Daaji, Kamlesh Patel has been one of the pivotal figures in rejuvenating and rekindling India’s age-old traditions. Unlike most other authors, his teachings are strictly based on his personal experiences and experiments with the Heartfulness techniques .

Not only does Daaji offer simple solutions to such questions, but also leads readers to the next stage of the journey. He illustrates how certain Heartfulness techniques and practices can help us cleanse our lifestyle and rejig our destiny. Patel elaborates on the complex themes of consciousness and the role played by evolution. Designing Destiny is also a treatise on what we go through at the time of birth and death.

This groundbreaking book inspires readers to start believing in themselves and look for a way ahead. It reinforces the clichΓ©d idea – albeit in a convincing manner – that challenges must be looked at as an opportunity to grow. All in all, Designing Destiny drives home the idea that a few simple practices can make a huge difference in our lives. After all, an enthusiastic attitude can go a long way in helping us fulfill our destiny.

Genre: Personal Development and Self-Help

Price: β‚Ή299 β‚Ή99

Format: Paperback

Published: January 2019

Number of Pages: 256

Language: (Indian) English

Kamlesh Patel

Author: Kamlesh Patel

Publisher: Westland

ISBN-13: 978-9387894532

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