Gary Linekar once said, ‘Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.’

That is what Raphael Honigstein’s interview-packed book, Das Reboot, has in store for everyone who has been wondering as to how and why German football has been so successful over successive World Cups – barring their horrendous run at the 2018 World Cup, of course.

July 13, 2014. The World Cup Final has gone into extra time, and, with just ten minutes to go for penalties, German forward Mario Götze produces a moment of magic. Having received a floated pass from teammate André Schürrle, Götze makes a slight jump to catch the ball. He cushions it on his chest, lands it on his left foot and then takes a step with his right. It just takes him a swivel to position himself – without letting the ball touch the ground – to volley it past the oncoming Argentine goalie Sergio Romero. The ball flies into the far corner of the net. The goal wins Germany their first World Cup in nearly twenty-five years.

This long-due win saw all of Germany – and millions of German football team supporters all across the globe – celebrate a success story like none other. It also prompted journalist and television pundit Raphael Honigstein to trace German football’s journey from its ever-efficient, but unattractive and defensive-minded traditions, to the free-flowing, attacking football that was on display in Brazil in 2014. Das Reboot is a riveting read that takes readers on an unforgettable journey across California, Stuttgart, Munich, via Dortmund and Durban.

Genre: Sports / Soccer

Price: 498

Format: Paperback

Published: May 2016

Number of Pages: 304

Language: English

Raphael Honigstein, author of Das Reboot: How German Football Reinvented Itself and Conquered the World

Author: Raphael Honigstein

Publisher: Yellow Jersey

ISBN-13: 978-0224100144