As most kids my age, I was never fond of reading. The only books I read were my textbooks, and such reading was motivated more by the pressing need to pass my exams than to read for leisure. However, as I grew up, I realized that books could actually be good friends. All they needed was an understanding reader, who could apply their knowledge to real life.

Books gave me an all new perspective on life, made me more receptive to unconventional ideas, and allowed me to understand new concepts. They set my soul free. The more I realized that the world was nothing but a place of endless possibilities, the more I lost myself in the pages of the books I read. In fact, perceiving the world through a protagonist’s eyes and empathizing with their struggles gave me a profound insight into how to approach my own problems and the decision-making involved in them.

In the long run, reading changed the way I looked at the world. Having had the privilege to step inside the minds of so many great authors, I developed the ability to understand and appreciate different viewpoints.

Today, as an engineering student, I am not as much into circuits or codes as I am into books. In fact, reading is something I do to both grow and relax. Contrary to what I thought as a child, being a bibliophile has never felt boring. If anything, it is probably the most effective way to grow without having to go anywhere.


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