Battling against a Texas prison, a young lawyer fights for a fair trial in a prison-friendly town as witnesses and evidence evaporate. Scarred physically and emotionally by a botched delivery, his wife struggles to realize their dream of a healthy baby and a happy family. Trapped in solitary confinement, an inmate fights for medicine to keep his failing heart pumping.

Torn between career and family, with the lives of a prisoner, his wife, and his unborn child on the line, the young lawyer struggles to ensure that his client, his family, and his integrity all survive.

Confessions of an Accidental Lawyer is a page-turner inspired by real events.

Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Price: β‚Ή99

Format: eBook

Published: November 2022

Number of Pages: 316

Language: English

Michael Stockham, author of Confessions of an Accidental Lawyer

Author: Michael Stockham

Publisher: Whistling Pigs Press LLC