Dr. Jonaki Mukherjee began her professional career as a teacher. Having spent most of her life in and out of classrooms, she realized the importance of nurturing young, impressionable minds.

While teaching her students, she figured that they had a tremendous potential to change our society for the better. For that, however, they needed the right guidance and appreciation.

Kids in nuclear families no longer have the luxury of getting guidance from the older generations, especially when it comes to values such as sharing and our cultural heritage. Working mothers are too caught up in the office and at home. As a result, they are left with little to no time to impart good ethics, healthy habits and a robust discipline to their children. This leaves a lot to be desired as far as “mindful parenting” is concerned.

Having met kids facing these challenges on a daily basis, Dr. Mukherjee came up with the idea of condensing her insights into a book, Classroom Whispers. The book is a collection of stories that remind the readers of their own experiences, their children, or even the youngsters they run into every day.

Classroom Whispers is a guide for young parents, who are often confused about how to react to certain situations at home or school. The book offers some really helpful, practical tips to handle the turbulent journey of raising a kid more easily and confidently.

Genre: Parenting

Price: β‚Ή299

Format: Paperback

Published: June 2023

Number of Pages: 160

Language: English

Dr. Jonaki Mukherjee, author of Classroom Whispers

Author: Dr. Jonaki Mukherjee

Publisher:Β Bigfoot Publications

ISBN-13: 978-8119201532