Parched was the sky

scattered with puffs cottony

the blazing heat ball piercing the horizon with raw agony

yet the farmer plowed the land

and toiled and bruised, drenched in sweat

heavens up above gambled

and strings of silvery clouds won the bet.


Unhurried and carefree, wandered the little child

o’ what fun are the swings, he screamed in delight

dreading to leave mom for the first day at school

wailing and kicking; the child reached the class

the teacher gave him a toy, and his fear shattered like glass

seeing all his friends, the toddler stopped crying

he finally smiled, and the tears were drying.


The flowers wouldn’t sell today

no matter how hard the old woman tried

the voice of her starved children rang in her ears

the poor mother silently sobbed and cried

shortly after, a young man bought them all

whose mother was seemingly ill

the poor lady flashed a toothless smile

and every week they went on and on with the drill.


The bride stood anxiously before the mirrors

nervous and tugging at the gown’s folds

her father comforted and kissed her forehead

that seemed to lessen the jitters

he then walked her down the aisle

to help her start a new chapter of life

his cute little girl was now somebody’s beloved wife.


The bird had gathered feathers and sticks

picking the silky filaments of the forest

crafted an abode with threads of sweat

a fire erupted in the greenery

and threatened to put it in misery

that’s when the clouds showered the land with rain

the fire was gone and gone was the pain.


When everything turns gloomy

and all you feel is sorrow

someone, somewhere is watching over you

for you and your better tomorrow

so thank the Gods and do not abandon hope

for you are being watched by the celestial telescope.

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya
Anagha Aglawe

As a professional writer, Anagha thoroughly relishes the challenges involved in writing heart-warming poetry. To know more about her, feel free to contact her over her Upwork profile here.