Broken Silence by Suvika is the story of Adheer Nanda, the heir apparent of a textile empire. Engaged to the love of his life, Nanda’s life is turned upside down by the accusations of a murder. Kirti Malhotra, a 17-year-old, saves him from imminent incarceration, but smashes his reputation to smithereens. Devastated, Nanda disappears.

Eight years later, fate brings Adheer and Kirti together. A chubby and impish teenager back then, Kirti is now a mesmerizingly attractive woman. As unpredictable as life can get, Adheer and Kirti fall in love. The same fate, however, also brings the real killer back. But who would be the target this time – Adheer or Kirti?

Broken Silence by Suvika is a thriller that oscillates between tales of friendship and betrayal, trust and deceit, and love and hatred.

Genre: Crime Thriller

Price: β‚Ή410 β‚Ή373

Format: Paperback

Published: February 2023

Number of Pages: 368

Language: English

Suvika, author of Broken Silence

Author: Suvika

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN-13: 979-8889750659