After leading a sheltered life for sixteen years, Nikhil, Bertie, Randy and Maachh are thrust into the world of the National Defence Academy. Soon they realize that life here is not just about spit and polish but six terms of adventure and achievement. It is about soaring ambition and tough challenges, a punishing regimen and endless Puttie Parades. However, rugged training and severe ragging cannot keep their spirits down for long. Weaving yarns about imaginary girlfriends, bragging about their escapades and sexual exploits, they turn from greenhorns to tough soldiers. United by their experience, these comrades-in-arms form a bond for life. Tanushree Podder, in this tongue-in-cheek saga of youth, camaraderie and growing-up, skillfully reconstructs life at NDA where boys become men of honor.
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Price: ₹295 ₹220
Format: Paperback
Published in: September 2011
Number of Pages: 224
Language: (Indian) English

Tanushree Podder: Author of 'Boots Belts Berets'

Author: Tanushree Podder

Publisher: India Ink

ISBN-13: 978-8186939383

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