Holly Black is an award-winning American author. She is the writer and editor of several bestselling fantasy books for children and teenagers. She has also been the recipient of the Andre Norton Award, the Mythopoeic Award and a Newbery Honor.


Power is much easier to acquire than it is to hold on to.

The Wicked King is the second book in The Folk of the Air series.  The trilogy is a brilliant series replete with mind-blowing fantasy adventure. This novel follows the critically acclaimed The Cruel Prince and takes the readers on a journey through the enchanting world of Faerie. From the outset, the book promises to be a thrilling roller-coaster ride of savage action.

Jude, the human girl in the land of the Faeries, realizes that her brother is the true heir to the Faerie throne. She needs to protect him from the scheming and plotting courtiers. In order to provide him with a healthy childhood life before he returns to the world of Faeries to claim the throne, she sends him away to the mortal world with Vivi.

To achieve her mission, she binds herself for a year and a day to their sworn enemy, the High King Cardan. Though fascinated by Jude, Cardan does everything in his power to humiliate her and defy her wishes. Jude and Cardan are at odds with each other. However, they are forced by the circumstances to navigate the Faerie politics together.

Nicasia reveals to Jude that someone she trusts has betrayed her. Jude uses all her powers to find out the traitors before they let out her secrets and ruin her plans. She finds herself compelled to fight for her life and for the lives of her loved ones. The twists and turns involved in her pursuit of those traitors make for a fast-paced and intoxicating story, which keeps the readers on the edge of their seats.

Holly Black crafts her characters with conviction and each one of them stands out in their own right. You love them, hate them, and become emotionally attached to them. Jude, Taryn, Cardan, Madoc, Bomb, Roach and every other character has their own set of secrets and contribute to the breathtaking action in the story.

Ameya Rating:

Action and fantasy lovers are bound to salivate over the prospect of reading this gripping tale of power and politics. The author takes the readers to the magical kingdom of the Faeries, where everyone is plotting for the throne. The journey of Jude, a mortal girl, in the deadly world of the Faeries is both thrilling and adventurous, to say the least. The author interweaves an engrossing tale of magic, political games, hunger for power and betrayal. The story is so fast-paced that you cannot second-guess what’s coming up next. In The Wicked King, Brown delivers an equally gripping sequel to the first installment of the series. That said, readers are – for obvious reasons – advised to read the first part, The Cruel Prince, to get a better grip on the events presented in this book.

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