Sudha Murthy is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, computer scientist, engineer, teacher and, above all, an extraordinary storyteller. She has been conferred with many prestigious awards such as the R.K. Narayan Award for Literature, the Padma Shree from Government of India, the Attimabbe Award from the Government of Karnataka, and the Raymond Crossword Lifetime Achievement Award. She writes in various genres like adult fiction, adult non-fiction, technical books, travelogues and children’s books.


Powerful stories, no matter where they come from, are meant to be told.

Here, There and Everywhere is a compilation of stories written by Sudha Murthy. This is her two-hundredth book and is a collection of 22 stories on various themes such as honesty, philanthropy and success.

The book starts with a touching and thoughtful introduction from the author, where she reminisces about her close bond with her brother and other siblings. She tells the reader that this book is a collection of the most cherished experiences from her life, which are like beautiful flowers. All the flowers are put together to form a beautiful garland, which she would like to dedicate to her brother.

The short stories in the book are easy to read and fill the readers with positivity while forcing them to engage in some introspection. The stories can be understood even by young readers as the style of writing and choice of words are simple and pretty straightforward. While most of the stories are chosen from her other publications, there are two fresh stories about her literary journey and her take on what philanthropy truly means.

The Tale of Many Tales is the first story in the book that gives us a glimpse into Sudha Murthy’s literary journey. She fondly recalls her childhood days and how her mother played an importing role in creating in her a flair for both reading and writing. She narrates her difficulties in adjusting to English as a medium of instruction after completing her tenth grade from Kannada medium.

Murty also recounts her published articles and how one editor made her realize the importance of maintaining a fine balance between reality and imagination. The part of the story where she explains how she and her husband saved three hundred bucks a month and traveled by crowded buses and local trains just to buy books is particularly heart-warming and motivating in equal measure. It helps young readers to understand the importance of saving for things that they really want. She recalls the experiences that motivated her to pen down some of her popular novels in Kannada, such as her first novel Athirikthe, and the later ones like Mahashweta, Dollar Sose, among others.

Another fresh story in the book is The Meaning of Philanthropy wherein she explains the true meaning of philanthropy and how one should always give the best to others. The way she explains this profound subject in a conversational tone of writing is very engaging. The key takeaway from this story is that giving is a selfless act and that one actually does not need any money to be a philanthropist. To quote Murty, “The only thing you need to be a philanthropist is the attitude and determination to assist others.”

Though all the other stories are repeated from her other books, the readers certainly won’t mind giving them another read. The stories are crisp, short and to the point. They take you down the memory lane of her life and make you laugh, cry and think – all at the same time.

Ameya Rating:

Here, There and Everywhere is a joy to read and is out-and-out worthy of a rare 5-star rating. The stories are relatable and written in a conversational tone. The language is simple – à la Sudha Murthy. Furthermore, the book is suitable for readers of all age groups. It teaches young readers about the most important values and principles of life, while it forces adults to rethink some of their notions of education, philanthropy and success.

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