Marian Keyes is a renowned Irish novelist and is also the recipient of an Irish Book Awards. In fact, over 35 million copies of her novels have been sold until 2017. Her most popular novels revolve around the Walsh family. Each book is based on the life of a Walsh sister, while also subtly including details about the family.


Anybody Out There? is a part of the novel series based on the Walsh family. This particular one happens to feature the fourth Walsh sister called Anna. She has been mentioned previously in the other books as well, where she came across as a carefree, outgoing and wild teenager. In this book, however, she undergoes a magical transformation into a headstrong and competitive New York businesswoman.

The book starts off on a high and has several realistic and evocative scenes. Anna seems extremely friendly and amiable. She is addressed as Anna “Frankenstein” by the neighborhood kids. An exciting and unique character in the book is Anna’s PR Executive, who is skinny and is often seen roaming around the hallway in her baggy clothes. Her passion and perkiness are reasons enough for any reader to chuckle.

The book majorly revolves around Anna and her family. The reader instantly realizes how close they are and how unique their bond is. As the story progresses, the reader is greeted with several twists and turns, all of which are well and truly contrary to what one would come to expect.

In Marian Keyes' 'Anybody Out There?'. Anna Walsh is left devastated by her husband's death in a car accident

Anna Walsh is currently staying at home with her parents in Ireland, which also happens to be the place where Marian Keyes was born and brought up. A car accident leaves Anna injured and she wants to get in touch with her husband, Aidan. Later on, the entire plot seems to get a bit hazy, as if it were just being dragged on. At one point, the reader feels like there is just too much going on. There is drama everywhere – be it with her husband, her job or her friends. However, since this is a chick lit, it is almost normal for the story to be constructed that way. Coupled with an amazing sense of humor, Keyes tries to make it up to the readers by introducing twists at nearly every juncture.

As the plot unfolds (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!), we find out that she is living in utter denial of the fact that her husband was actually killed in the very car crash that she survived. Even though she is surrounded by her loved ones, she craves to be in Manhattan, where she was living prior to her injury. Anna seems to be a positive, cheerful and radiant person, but, just like every human being, she too has a darker side to her psyche.

Ameya Rating:

Anybody Out There? is a classic, funny novel. The author’s plot construction is unique, and she manages to weave in hilarity on every page. Regardless of how simple the story is, it definitely does revolve around some serious issues such as the loss of a loved one, living in denial and, last but certainly not the least, dealing with crazy parents. It does give hope to the reader that, regardless of how bad the circumstances are, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Watching Anna recover is a journey in itself, which will make the reader laugh and cry at the same time. It is a cocktail made up of serious, blissful and heartbreaking moments. Overall, Anybody Out There? is absolutely interesting and quirky, something that no lighthearted comedy lover can miss out on.

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