Born on April 1, 1962 in a small village in Assam, India, Hiranya Borah completed his studies from the University of Delhi. He would later join the prestigious Indian Statistical Services.

Borah authored two Assamese books while pursuing his higher education in the eighties. He also contributed as an editor of the APSC guides during his time in Assam.

He has published a hundred and seventy-seven English books and one Hindi e-book over an illustrious writing career. Having traveled extensively, both in India and overseas, his vast experience reflects in his works.

Borah is currently posted as a senior government officer in New Delhi. He is also a well sought-after motivational speaker.


The main protagonist of Blessed One is Kanak Barua. Working as a senior officer for the Government of India, Barua knows that a fatal curse has been running in his family ever since Rudra Pratap Barua, his great-great-grandfather killed two men at a fateful wedding. The curse has been killing young men in Barua’s family for years. This prompts him to seek an explanation as to why he is untouched by the curse, and what its implications and ramifications might be.

When Kanak meets his son’s girlfriend, Ana, he feels the need to disclose to her the secret of this harrowing curse. The story spans several generations and follows the trajectory of the curse.

An excerpt from Blessed One by Hiranya Borah

The book then focuses on Kanak’s life and details his many exploits. The nature of his work takes him on multiple trips across the country. He gets the opportunity to live in different cities, undergoing unique experiences along the way. Throughout his journey, however, he continues to search for the deeper meaning of life and the reasons that might have put an end to the curse. Toward the end of the book, Barua wonders if he was part of some grander design.


Probably the most defining feature of Blessed One is its richness in detail. The author has effortlessly captured the essence of India’s different cities and the constantly changing times. The stories flow quite seamlessly, and they all seem to reinforce the importance of family values.

Quotes from Blessed One by Assamese author Hiranya Borah

The writing is mostly crisp and relatable. While the story about the curses and blessings tends to delve into the realms of the supernatural, the author is tactful enough to keep the story real and connected.

Character development is another area where Borah has done a commendable job. He makes different characters in the story shine, regardless of their role.

For the most part, Blessed One is a rather straightforward read.


The biggest drawback of this book is that it can tend to be slightly confusing at the start, especially when the protagonist begins to narrate the story of the curses and introduces characters spanning several decades and even a couple of centuries! There is, however, a handy family tree at the beginning of the book, though it might need to be revisited a good few times before one gets the hang of the backstory.


 ‘But oh, my eternal mother, I used to hide my misdeeds from others like I used to hide my good works, too. So, how can I be better than others?’ the confused sinner asked the Mother Goddess.

Despite her unparalleled achievements by her own and the local standards, her struggle to stay afloat never ended till the last day of her life.


Ameya Score:

Blessed One is the ideal book for someone looking for a simple read with a decent story. Its supernatural background may also appeal to the fans of the genre.

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