Once upon a time sat a merchant in his house

Robbed of his riches he now sat in a hut

To feed twelve children and keep their mouths shut

The youngest girl of the lot was a beauty

Who was subjected to cold and misery


One day the merchant heard about his ship’s return

And Beauty’s eyes grew full of concern

While others asked him for weapons and gowns

She only asked for his safe return to town


The father promised her a rose and went to get the gifts

But the ship was seized to pay the debts

Heartbroken and penniless he wandered in a castle

That had magnificent furniture and a talking candle


He plucked a rose for Beauty from the garden

But a beast sprang upon him who was the warden

He asked the merchant to return with the girl

Who would marry him or his wrath would unfurl


The merchant reluctantly agreed and ran for his life

Beauty learned of how she would soon be Beast’s wife

She planned to fight him alone and sneaked in at night

Reaching the castle she was blinded with light


As the gold and diamonds glittered and gleamed

Her heart began to shout and scream

She said, “Now I’ll teach everyone a lesson

And began to fill the drinks with poison


The beast arrived in the room for a dance

And she slipped the glass in his hand at the first chance

He took a sip but her throat choked

“Oh, you want the riches,” he joked


The beautiful maiden transformed into a beast

And the prince sat back and relished the feast

“Who needs a beauty like you?” he asked

“No thanks, I’m done with what I was tasked


So, off he went to trap another lady

Who looked beautiful but her heart was shady

Those who play with hearts would go to hell

Not all fairy tales are supposed to end well.

…now that you’re here

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Anagha Aglawe, English poetry writer at Ameya

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