Women often witness life passing them by, especially when they take a break to focus on their families. They try to live up to and justify the labels thrust upon them by society and their own values – mother, daughter, wife. They strangulate the voice of their own hearts to put their talents to better use. Why? Simply because they are afraid of what others will say, of making mistakes, and all too often, of their own success.

Even when their fears dictate otherwise, they can and should resume their careers after a break. Back On Your Feet is for women who are ready to overlook these fears and give life another chance.

The book meets you right where you are, no matter what stage of the career break you are in. The book offers you the gentle push you need to get started. It has tons of suggestions, resources, plans and ideas that you can adopt to create your way ahead.

Follow along the four stages of career, restart with Neha, as she lays out her playbook of tried, tested, and actionable tools. To further inspire and empower you, Back On Your Feet also includes the stories of eleven women who share their career struggles and achievements with no-nonsense honesty.

You have what it takes to make a phenomenal career comeback. You create life for God’s sake!

Genre: Self-Help

Price: β‚Ή259

Format: Paperback

Published: March 2022

Number of Pages: 224

Language: English

Author: Neha Lagoo Ratnakar

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN-13: 978-1685867362