Autumn always reigned

on the tree of my dreams

Multicolored leaves

and angling twigs


Leaves always seemed

to leave on pilgrims

To the god of death

and his temple of twisted limbs.


Passersby always heed

the aging hues of their rims

With a kind word or two,

adieu they always bid.


Buds always lead

a life scant and grim

Dawn saw their spark

but by dusk they dimmed.


Autumn always reigned

on the tree of my dreams

Will my eyes ever greet

the onset of spring?

…now that you’re here

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Ria and her love affair with reading
Ria Mishra

Appreciating good poetry is an art, just like writing it. To check out more poetic gems by Ria, make sure to follow her on Instagram. After all, there is no bigger motivation for a poet than an encouraging reader.