Welcome to Calcutta of the sixties and the seventies.

Meet Debottam, the genius vagabond son of a wealthy zamindar

Meet Urbish, the ambitious dreamer whose father is a fisherman.

Walk with them through the red earth of Shantiniketan

Visit the jazz clubs of Park Street. 

Experience friendship redefined by two people who have only one thing in common – writing.

But one is willing to kill to write and the other is willing to die.

Anon. Short for Anonymous.

After all, what’s in the name?

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Price: ₹399 ₹247

Format: Paperback

Published in: May, 2018

Number of Pages: 312

Language: (Indian) English

Bollywood screenwriter Bhavani Iyer - the author of 'Anon'

Author: Bhavani Iyer

Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-9387779631

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