It was in 2013 that I first read a book for leisure than out of academic compulsions. Well, I had read a few novels previously, but it was more of a sporadic thing than something regular.

Initially, I only read fiction and romantic novels. I tried my hand at non-fiction, self-help books, but I found it hard to concentrate for long. It felt like a chore, and as I said, I was really looking forward to reading for fun. Gradually, however, I started falling in love with books. I would even go on to explore other genres like self-help, mystery, history, health and biographies.

I personally feel that reading has helped improve my life even when I did not intend anything of the sort. It brought a paradigm shift in my values at a subconscious level. While I did not put into practice any of the tips I got from, say, the self-help books I read, it is hard to deny that my thoughts underwent a noticeable change over time. As a result, I started feeling like a better version of myself.

Reading also improved my vocabulary and command of the English language. My communication skills have gotten better with every book I have read. My reading speed has also gone up several notches.

Ankita Singh has books to thank for a lot more than just leisure

Books have also completely changed my perspective on the world. I now see the world as a completely different place than what I used to before I started reading. It also helps when you know something about almost everything.

To me, reading feels more fun than watching a movie. It is amazing how you can lose your way in a book, to the point it does not even feel like reading anymore. It fuels your imagination and keeps growing on you. I started reading for fun, but books now have become an all-weather friend to me.


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