If I were to try and define myself today without (hopefully) coming across as too narcissistic, I would use the adjectives fun-loving, bold, beautiful and confident. Rewinding ten years back in my life, I was nothing but a boring, unhappy and fretful girl, who was even struggling to fulfill her basic needs.

I had started my career as a 19-year-old teacher way back in 2009. My students gifting me Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret was the turning point in my life. But, looking back at it, it’s fair to raise the question if that day really was the game changer? Well, the answer to that question is both yes and no. Before you start harboring any doubts about the plausibility of this possibility, I would like to begin by clarifying that I was never into reading books, which is why the book remained unopened for around a month.

One day, out of nowhere, I happened to open that book and stumble upon theories related to positive vibes, which could draw the positivity that could make us happy and successful. Byrne’s motivational thoughts about how we can achieve whatever we set out to and how we can always be happy in our lives were the main takeaways from that book for me.

I also read about the experiences of the people who had already implemented those golden strategies in their lives. That prompted me to perform a small experiment worth 500 rupees. For someone who was earning only 1800 a month, 500 mattered a lot to me. As directed in the book, I started imagining a 500-rupee buck that I did not really have. However, I forced myself into believing that I had it. As unbelievable as it might sound, I ended up getting a currency note with the same sign as the one I had nurtured in my imagination! That was the first step that filled me with confidence and positive vibes.

I did not stop there and pushed my optimism to imagine drawing a handsome salary. Within six months, I was getting a much-needed pay of 5000 a month. For someone who could not afford a taxi and had to walk over 10 kilometers everyday to make it to her workplace, that was never going to be enough.

Feeling more motivated and positive than ever, I started working harder. Fast-forward the time to 2019 and today, I am the director of two well-known institutes.

What I shared with you is not a story; it is rather an experience that brought about a colossal change in my life. One negative thought has the power to vanquish a hundred positive ones. So, don’t let your inherent optimism be dominated or clouded by a gnawing pessimism.

Although it’s quite hard to conceive how merely ‘imagining’ something can bear such astonishing results (or any results at all, for that matter), we’ll assume that you were talking about how you imagined all those things before working for them. Thanks anyway for sharing your story with us, Ankita!

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