They say that memories play an integral part in a person’s life and, out of the millions that I have made, the most special ones go back to my school days where this love affair started. You can love so many things in life, yet none will remain as lasting as the stories engraved on the blank pages of a book. You don’t just read a book; you live through it and relish the experiences of its characters. A good book can take you on a journey of a lifetime, making you wish it would never end.

For me, the moment I started reading as a child, I knew I was in love with the realm of books. From reading all the stories and poetry from the textbooks I could get my hands on, to rushing to the library to get new books issued – reading became my favorite pastime. No matter how many books I read, the urge to read more never really abandoned me. The transition from reading children’s stories in Goosebumps (it’s quite aptly titled, isn’t it?) to romance, drama, thrillers and spiritual books, it has been quite a unique experience altogether. In fact, my passion for reading would sometimes get so intense that I wouldn’t mind bunking a few classes and skipping some practice sessions to complete a book.

Ankita is the proud owner of an enviable book collection

Back then, book fairs were the most-awaited events because they offered an opportunity to explore different genres of books. All my pocket money went into buying those brand new books and creating a collection of my own. They were – and still are – my most cherished possessions, and seeing them even now brings back so many memories of the days gone by. I feel that every book has a unique plot, which creates an air of thrill about it.

Reading as an experience is akin to traveling – you get to know different people and explore new places – without having to move an inch from your place. Some books also inspire you in the long run and can shape your thoughts and actions. As is rightly said, you become what you read, and that is why choosing to read a good book is as important as reading one.


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