Hello, everyone! My name is Anjali Singh Chauhan and I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in commerce. My story is all about the major change that came in my life when I was in grade five.

You see, I was suffering from fits. It always baffled me how everyone in my class could understand a question that I could not. This ‘how’ kept gnawing at me. To add my psychological woes, my physical ailment got worse – the doctor informed my parents that I needed an immediate surgery. As a little, school-going kid, this was the most horrible thing I had ever heard. In fact, this word – surgery – kept me awake for more than one night.

However, many tests and sleepless nights later, the doctors decided that I was not yet beyond medicinal treatment. My medication started when I was in grade five and continued well until I was an eighth grader. Over this time, I went through so much for a girl my age – from people treating me as a ‘sick’ girl to teachers not paying enough attention to me. As depression began to devour me, an advice from my brother turned things around for me.

“If you want to prove yourself, then just look at yourself in the mirror and tell that person that you’ll be the best possible version of yourself,” he said. Simple words, but words that I desperately needed to hear.

This brought about a complete change in my mindset. Two years down the line, my tenth-grade Board exams saw me score eighty-five percent – something unimaginable only a couple of years ago! I then went on to score well in my grade-twelve Board exams as well, ending my school life on a high – as the poster girl of my school. My brother’s words have lived on with me since, and I firmly believe that we can be whatever we set out to become.


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