Hello everyone! I am Anaina and this is the story of my transformation as a reader.

Well, I always had a thing for books. However, I realized this only a few years ago. It happened during the pandemic, when boredom reigned supreme. I was tired of scrolling random Instagram pages and checking daily WhatsApp notifications. Feeling compelled to try something new, I stumbled upon Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I was so engrossed in the book that I lost track of time. The book was rather helpful at an emotional level as well, healing the emptiness that had started getting the better of me.

Soon after reading the book, I began practicing yoga and meditation. By this point, books had become a part of my everyday life. The next one I read was Jeff Keller’s The Winning Attitude. I also read The 5 AM Club and Who Will Cry When You Die?. Only a couple of weeks ago, I read this book titled How To Love The Shit Out Of Life. I must say it was a real eye-opener and definitely a book everyone should read once in their lifetime.

That said, for me, the biggest takeaway from these books was the importance of living every day to the fullest. I started to see and appreciate those small miracles around me. I started reading more, exploring books of different genres. Even the fragrance of books felt so refreshing!

In books, I found the comfort that I couldn’t in my family or friends. In fact, I even asked my friends to start reading. The thing with books is that they not only improve our vocabulary, but also our imagination; they drown out the racket that keeps us from listening to our hearts. And this, in my opinion, should be reason enough for everyone to start reading.


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