I never thought that my passion for reading would bring about such a considerable change in my life. Surprisingly, over time, books became my dearest friends, helping me get over my lifelong fear of being lonely. They also ignited my creativity and helped me simplify life’s complexities.

As a 1989-born kid, books were my obvious escape from my mundane existence and improved my imagination, concentration, and memory. My reading journey actually began with picture books. It was only later that I transitioned to novels. Growing up, books also served as a source of relaxation.

I thought of myself as an introvert, so reading came naturally to me. It was only later that I would learn that I owed part of my shyness to my lack of knowledge; the more I read, the more confident I became. My communication skills improved, too. This helped me a great deal in my personal and professional lives. Reading also helped me alleviate stress and become more aware of myself. As a result, I have been able to make constructive decisions and lead a productive, happy life.

While I read several books, there were five in particular that helped me bring about remarkable improvements in myself. These were:

The digital era gave me an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals all over the world and learn about their culture. As a book enthusiast, I also tried my hand at creative writing, discovering various genres and topics along the way. As a freelance writer, I made a decent income writing for various clients.

I’d like to conclude by saying that whether you are into books or not, try looking for genres that interest you. You can take my word that there is no better feeling than completely immersing yourself in a book. Books are like friends that are available all the time, only better, for they have no demands, no complaints, and no expectations.


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