We regret to inform you that our existing Instagram account has been rendered unusable due to reasons beyond our control. We have been tirelessly trying to get in touch with their support team about this, but have only received pointless, rather irrelevant automated messages in response to our desperate pleas for the resolution of this issue. This comes as a real disappointment to us considering how hard we worked on nurturing that account organically. However, as is the case with most good things in life, the end of one memorable journey marks the start of another.

Ameya's new Instagram account

Instead of giving up on our endeavors to connect with young Indian readers on Instagram, we have decided – with renewed vigor – to connect with them more vociferously than ever through our new account, which is set to be our official handle with immediate effect. You may still check out our previous account for some of the content we have posted there over these three-odd years. However, please note that all new updates will be posted on our new handle. As self-doubt continues to plague us, we need your love and support more than ever. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being there for us!