As hard as I may try, it is hard for me to recall a time when I was not interested in books. I even asked my father, and he confirmed that books had always mattered to me.

I actually started reading in seventh grade. Until then, the only books I read were my school textbooks. Well, that was six years ago. Now, I cannot even walk past a bookstore without walking in and buying a book. You might wonder what made me such an avid reader. Well, it was a somewhat tragic episode that brought about this change in me.

It was a pleasant winter Sunday morning. My family and I were supposed to go on our much-anticipated trip to Jammu & Kashmir. I was obviously quite looking forward to visiting that heavenly place. However, the insane railway schedule at the time meant that my excitement was beginning to give way to disappointment. You see, we were at Kanpur station, from where we were to continue our journey. However, all our plans and excitement went for a toss following an inexplicable eight-hour delay.

Sensing my dejection, my father took me to a nearby bookstall. Initially, I was reluctant to go there. After all, who would read a book after all their travel plans had gone awry? However, with nothing else to do, I finally gave in to his proposal. There, he bought me a gem of a book. It was You Are Born to Blossom by my childhood hero, APJ Abdul Kalam.

The book itself was so awesome that it gave me goosebumps. It taught me the right way to lead one’s life and the importance of pursuing our dreams. It was, in fact, the first non-academic book I ever read and it proved to be a real eye-opener. The book not just changed my outlook on life, but also made me an ardent reader overnight. Thereafter, I went on to read so many books, which further shaped my opinions and taught me to be positive in the face of adversity.

While I do read books of all genres, I must say that I have a thing for books by entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, among others. Such books encourage me to think out of the box.

Now an avid reader, Abhishek Gupta is especially fond of books authored by entrepreneurs

I honestly feel that books can be our best friends and mentors. If you are reading this and are yet to embark on your journey as a reader, trust me, it is one voyage that you will not regret starting.


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