In a world increasingly addicted to technology, what can be more ironic than a person in love with books? As the world modernizes at breakneck speed, more and more people are turning away from books, which still remain the best, if not the only, source of man’s wisdom.

Personally, books have helped me gain a better understanding of my environment and have made my life more meaningful. I was a passionate reader from a very young age. The first book I read was – one that made me fall for books – Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was this book that piqued my curiosity and egged me on to read more. It taught me the importance of being less mischievous and more creative, thus reinforcing the values I had learned from my parents. I would spend hours in the library reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. Growing up, my reading patterns became more refined, and I began reading more thought-provoking books.

As I explored more genres, I came over books that would transform my life in more ways than one. For instance, many of the psychological books I read taught me the importance of following my dreams and taking risks. Motivational reads, on the other hand, emphasized the significance of living in the moment and letting go of everything negative. Likewise, autobiographies showed the role virtues like determination, will power and discipline played in being successful.

Even when the going got tough, in books I found solace like nowhere else. Whenever life got a bit too harsh, books felt more comforting than, say, an appointment with a psychologist ever could. Whenever I felt lost and lonely, books offered the much-needed peace of mind. All in all, I would recommend books to everyone, regardless of whether they are looking for success or serenity.


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