Hi everyone! My name is Aanchal and I would like to share my story with you. I hope you will like it.

It was a childhood incident that endeared books to me. Back then, I wasn’t particularly good at my studies. Like most children my age, I would rather prefer to play outside than to study. However, my aunt and my grandpa were always around to help me – sometimes by scolding me like a teacher and sometimes by guiding me like a mentor. They were the ones who taught me the importance of reading. They were the ones who taught me how to make books a part of my life.

Every day, after coming back home from school, I would re-read the things we were taught in the class that day. Each day proved to be a new learning experience. From a student who hated books to death, I actually started to enjoy not one, but all the subjects that were a part of our curriculum. However, science remained my favorite. As I grew up, I also started to look beyond my school books and began reading novels of various genres.

The more I read, the more I excelled at my academics. I still remember how happy my aunt was when I secured the first position in my class. It would, however, be unfair to say that academics were the only field I was doing well in. My personality had changed for the better and I was no longer looking for alternatives to hard work.

With my special interest in science, it came as no surprise when I successfully became an engineer. And, of course, I owe it in no small measure to the reading habit inculcated in me by my aunt and grandfather. I believe that each book, whether subjective or objective, adds some value to our lives. They give us a sense of direction, especially when we are not quite sure as to where to go.


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