You stayed in my heart all these years

And shared with me, my laughter and tears

You comforted me when I was in pain

And your attempts were never in vain

How many times with you I did fight?

And you took it all so light

You taught me what life really is.


For me, you were an angel, the true bliss

For the world you were someone,

But for someone you were the world.


You were the apple of my eye

Oh, you shone like a star in the sky

You warmed the cockles of my heart

And tugged at its strings.


God had destined that we meet

And when we did, my heart skipped a beat

Many people walked in and out of my life

But only you left your footprints on it.


But today I am in pain

I wish you’d be with me again.


Please appear and make me brave

Don’t let me cry the whole day beside your grave

I say this as I wear my heart on my sleeve

You’re the greatest gift I ever did receive

O friend! Today for thee I grieve!

…now that you’re here

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Pravin Kumar Ameya

An ardent believer in that a good poem isn’t one that comes from, but through you, Pravin enjoys writing short but meaningful poetry. Write to him at to know more about him.