It is a challenging decision to migrate to another country. Doubts surface. Which country has the best work culture and how it is different from the others? Which country offers a fantastic work-life balance? In what ways is a dependent’s life more fulfilling in the UK than in the USA? Is Indian food really smelly? If Singapore is close to India, why do people aspire to go to far-off countries like Australia or New Zealand? Canada is inviting skilled immigrants in huge numbers now; what secrets should you know before moving there? Which is a better place to thriveβ€”Germany or the Netherlands? France is beautiful, but what are the challenges involved in settling there? How are the health and education systems in China? What would your lifestyle be like in South Africa or the UAE? The ones who have walked this path themselves are the ones who can answer the questions best!

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Thirty-four people from twelve countries around the world joined the author to share the untold secrets of living abroad. This ultimate guide hopes to help you not only in chasing your dreams but also in living them with dignity. Madhu rises from the ashes to find her wings again. Hari redeems his life in the face of odds, to live with dignity! Compelling stories promise to give direction to your dreams and change your thoughts about living abroad forever.

When dreams are fulfilled, and the alarm goes off, should you keep snoozing it, or should you traverse from one dream to another, a dream within a dream?

Explore these untold secrets and embark on your own journey of a lifetime!

Genre: Business Travel

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Published: September 2019

Number of Pages: 330

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Karan Agrawal, author of 7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad: Fulfilling Your Dreams with Dignity

Author: Karan Agrawal

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN-13: 978-1646508327

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